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Our Bootcamp


Master the Art of Hair Styling, Wig Making and Hair Coloring

Our comprehensive bootcamp covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques in hair styling, wig making, and hair coloring. Our Bootcamp focuses on different aspects, ensuring you gain a well-rounded education.

Hands-On Experience

Participate in practical sessions to apply what you've learned in real-world scenarios.

Advanced Techniques

Our course delves into a variety of advanced techniques designed to elevate your skills and knowledge in professional hair styling.

Business Skills

Access a curated vendor list to source high-quality materials and products for your services.

Week 1

Wig Making

Tuesday(August 6) Introduction to Wig Making:
– Overview of different types of wigs (lace front, full lace, synthetic, human hair)
– Tools and materials needed for wig making
– Safety and hygiene practices

Wednesday (August 7) Cap Construction and Measurements:
– Measuring the head for a perfect fit
– Constructing wig caps from scratch

Thursday (August 8) Adjusting Pre-Made Wig Caps:
– Adjusting pre-made wig caps for better fit

Friday (August 9) Creating Wig Foundations:
– Sewing wefts onto wig caps
– Glue and tape methods for weft attachment

Week 2

Wig / Hair Styling

Tuesday (August 13) Basic Styling Techniques:
– Introduction to hair styling tools (curlers, straighteners, hairdryers)
– Basic styling techniques (curling, straightening, waving)

Wednesday (August 14) Advanced Styling Techniques:
– Creating updos and special occasion hairstyles
– Braiding and cornrowing techniques for wigs

Thursday (August 15) Lace Customization:
– Bleaching of knots, toning
– Hairline customization, plucking and lace tinting

Friday (August 16) Practical Session:
– Hands-on practice with different styling techniques

Week 3

Frontal and Closure Installation

Tuesday (August 20) Understanding Frontals and Closures:
– Differences between frontals and closures
– Choosing the right type for different hairstyles

Wednesday (August 21) Installation Techniques:
– Sewing methods for frontals and closures
– Adhesive methods (tape, glue, etc.)

Thursday (August 22) Blending Techniques:
– Blending frontals and closures with natural hair
– Creating a natural hairline

Friday (August 23) Practical Session:
– Hands-on practice with installation and blending techniques

Week 4

Coloring and Wig Layering / Cutting

Tuesday (August 27) Introduction to Hair Coloring:
– Basics of hair coloring (color theory, safety, and hygiene)
– Tools and materials for hair coloring

Wednesday (August 28) Coloring Techniques:
– Applying color to wigs
– Ombre and balayage techniques

Thursday (August 29) Wig Layering and Cutting:
– Basics of cutting and layering wigs
– Tools and techniques for precision cutting

Friday (August 30) Practical Session:
– Hands-on practice with coloring, layering, and cutting

September 3-6

Final Project and Assessment

Tuesday (September 3) Final Project Preparation:
– Students design their own wig from start to finish
– Incorporating all techniques learned

Wednesday (September 4) Final Project Execution:
– Students create and present their final wig projects

Thursday (September 5) Assessment and Feedback:
– Individual assessments and feedback sessions

Friday, (September 6) Certificates and Celebration:
– Distribution of certificates of completion
– Celebration and closing remarks

We will provide a WIG KIT containing most of the essentials needed for the class.You are required to come with bundles or wigs that would Be used to practice coloring, you are also required to come with a brand new frontal or frontal wig for the frontal installation class.

If you would like to purchase wigs, lace closures, frontals, or bundles, kindly inform us and purchase before class commences. For coloring, please have a design or designs in mind, that you would like to recreate, that way, we can have the necessary product made available for you.

YOUR PACKAGE will be filled with so much information. It’s beginners friendly but also very informative if you’re simply seeking to UPGRADE

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Certificate of Completion

Upon successfully finishing and passing The TouchAcademy Bootcamp, students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. This certificate recognizes your dedication and mastery of the advanced techniques covered in the course. Earning this certificate not only validates your skills and knowledge but also enhances your professional credibility. It serves as a testament to your commitment to excellence and can be a valuable asset in advancing your career in the beauty industry. Whether you’re looking to attract new clients, seek employment opportunities, or grow your own business, the Certificate of Completion from TouchAcademy will be a significant boost to your professional profile.

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